This site will be having information on public ground transportation in Illinois, predominantly on inter-city ground transportation.   Look for more in 2012.
Until then, find all the links you need on public transportation on the website of
American Public Transit Association : http://www.apta.com/links/state_local/

If you have any questions, please email us at: : IllinoisTransit@gmail.com

For additional information on public inter-city ground transportation, check the websites of any of the rail or bus carriers shown on the map below,  or on the websites of

AIBRA  - American Intercity Bus Rider’s Association at :   www.aibra.org,which offers a wealth of information.

Russells Guides - The original nationwide intercity bus schedule book and map provider at:   www.russellsguides.com   



Click here for the pdf version of this map



Air Service -map of airline connectivity for Peoria International Airport and Central Illinois Regional Airport


click here for a pdf version of this map